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Customer Success Reviews

“Justin is the ideal business partner – highly responsive & attentive. All the services provided are extremely valuable for our small business. The polite & respectful communication is always a pleasure. We highly recommend Justin to anyone fine tuning their company and to receive more peace of mind back of house. Thank you Justin!”

Salon Business Owner

Customer Success Reviews

“Justin helped me take care of my employees by providing an affordable benefits plan. My old benefits plan was so expensive it wasn’t something I could afford to do. He was very transparent, professional and timely. I highly recommend his services.”

Florist Business Owner

Customer Success Reviews

“Justin helped me get the right coverage in place, which brought me peace of mind. He explained everything clearly and made sure I got the best possible rate. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Business Lawyer

Customer Success Reviews

“We loved Justin’s convenient and friendly approach. He visited us in the comfort of our own home, which is great because we are brand new parents with busy careers as a registered massage therapist and firefighter. Justin helped us understand our options and made the whole process easy. We recommend him to our friends and family!”

Young Professionals

Customer Success Reviews

“Justin has gone above and beyond to provide a personalized, high quality of service that has really resonated with our organization. He provides an honest, hands-on approach to educating plan members on how to get the most out of their wellness plans. Justin is truly passionate about what he does, and I would strongly recommend his services.”

Human Resources Specialist


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