Group Benefits Built Better

Enhancing Your Company's Culture & Bottom Line

Your Group's Insurance

Cookie-cutter health & life insurance benefits don't do the trick anymore.

Instead, foster a thriving workplace by boosting employee happiness & productivity with insurance benefits tailored specifically to the needs of your team & their families.

Tailored Solutions for Medium to Large Businesses

We boost overall benefit satisfaction & stability by expertly managing experience-rated plans, claims, and dynamic benefit programs for midsize to enterprise businesses.

A seamless experience across the board.

Optimal Benefits for Small Businesses 

 Let us show you the big advantages of pooled benefits to ensure stability, affordability & flexible coverage for your small business, with the added benefit of mutual premium support.

From our small business to yours. 

Two people smiling with great excitement while reviewing sheets of paper with charts showing financial growth through an employee savings plan.

Group RRSPs & TFSAs, Simplified

Navigating group savings plans can be overwhelming. So, we simplify the process to ensure your team's financial well-being aligns with your budget to foster a thriving workplace for everyone at your business.

Including you!

  • Convenient Paycheque Contributions
  • Immediate Tax Savings
  • Employee Contribution Options
  • Employer Matching (Optional)

Transform Employee Well-being

Family Assistance Programs enhance your employees' overall health & productivity, which is good for business, too - reducing absences & disability claims over time.

Expert Guidance

Our seasoned advisors offer a tailored FAP that balances employee well-being with business success.

Employee Well-being Focus

We prioritize your employees' health & happiness for a thriving workplace culture & increased productivity.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our FAPs provide maximum benefits while offering affordable solutions for enhancing employee support.

Proven Results

With a track record of boosting employee well-being with excellent ROI, our FAPs deliver tangible results.

Spending Accounts that Actually Save

Accounts for Your Employees' Wellness, Health & Flexible Spending that Save You Money, too.


Boost in Productivity


Higher Retention Rate


Fewer Absences


5-Star Trusted Advisor

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“Justin is the ideal business partner – highly responsive & attentive. All the services provided are extremely valuable for our small business. The polite & respectful communication is always a pleasure. We highly recommend Justin to anyone fine-tuning their company and to receive more peace of mind back of house. Thank you!”

Patrick M. (Business Owner)

"Justin helped me take care of my employees by providing an affordable benefits plan. My old benefits plan was so expensive it wasn’t something I could afford to do. He was very transparent, professional, and timely. I highly recommend his services.”


Jane G. (Business Owner)

"Justin helped me get the right coverage in place, which brought me peace of mind. He explained everything clearly and made sure I got the best possible rate. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”

Chad G. (Lawyer)

"Justin takes time to listen to your needs, and his values align with our own. Communication is prompt, and he answers all our questions diligently. He helped us create a fantastic wellness plan for our employees, whilst protecting our bottom line.”

Natasha T. (Business Owner)

“Justin has gone above and beyond to provide a personalized, high-quality service that has really resonated with our organization. He provides an honest, hands-on approach to educating plan members on how to get the most out of their wellness plans. Justin is truly passionate about what he does, and I would strongly recommend his services.”

Max H. (HR Specialist)

Charities Justin Supports

"I'm passionate about building a sustainable world for all living things, and I put my money toward it."

- Justin Manning

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